Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting your boys to enjoy reading, sometimes hard to do.

I just read an article about the difficulties in getting some boys to read. I always thought since I liked to read and my husband liked to read that this wouldn't be a problem at our house, well... I was wrong. My boys would much rather wrestle, run, fight with light sabers, throw or kick a ball. Not that there is anything wrong with these activities, unless of course, they do them in my living room, but it would be nice if once in awhile they sat quietly and enjoyed a book. ;) My husband and I have done all that we could think of, we have books in every room of the house and we have read to them everyday since birth, but it doesn't change the fact that they are boys with lots of energy.
After showing my husband this article, How to talk to little boys about Reading, he told me that he didn't always enjoy reading. Well, this was news to me, because he is a better reader than I am! It wasn't until his parents introduced him to comic books on long car rides that he began to enjoy reading. "As a matter of fact", he said, "my collection is in the basement." We pulled it out and showed it to the boys and for the past two days they won't put them down! I had to take the books out of their room last night so they would go to sleep. I'm not saying that this is the final solution to our "I'd rather not read" problem, but it is a good start. It helps that the books are important to their Dad, who, by the way, couldn't have been more happy watching his boys reading his old comic books.